Operational Guide

Last updated on November 7, 2023. If there will be any update, amendment, or changes it will be posted on this page

     1.General Structure

Mobirar Suite is a set of tools developed to collect, analyse and compare automotive financing and leasing offers (“mobility offers”), as published every months by the main car manufacturers.

Mobirar Suite is made by two major tools:

  • Mobirar Data
  • Mobirar Benchmark


     2. Mobirar Data

Mobirar Data is the database of automotive mobility offers collected every month by Mobirar.


  • Data collection principles
Source of data Offers data are collected from car manufacturer public websites (“OEM websites”).
Type of offers

Mobirar collects mainly Call to Actions offers (“CTA”) offers, as advertised in the OEM websites.

Only in case of missing CTA, Mobirar may, at its discretion, collect data from the OEM car & financial configurators (“Web configurators”).

Benchmark Perimeter

Mobirar collects data with reference to a limited number of brands and carlines, representing the biggest share of the market in each served country, as detailed in the Mobirar Benchmark Perimeter.

In case the Customer wishes to extend the perimeter of the analysis to brands and / or carlines not currently covered, the Customer can submit a data integration request to Mobirar (email to info@mobirar.com)

Offers selection

For each monitored carline, Mobirar is collecting a minimum of one mobility offer.

In case of multiple offers available in the OEM website for the same carline, based on different financial products (e.g. PCP or Financial Lease), Mobirar will select, at its discretion, the most relevant offer according to the local market practice.

In case of multiple offers available in the OEM website for the same carline, based on different trim/versions, Mobirar will select the cheapest offer, corresponding in most of the cases, to the lowest trim level available.

In case of no offer available for a particular carline, a “NO OFFER” message will be displayed in the Mobirar Data tool.

Frequency of data update

Mobirar collects the data on a monthly base.

Data collection is executed between the 1st and the 10th day of each month.

In case of mobility offer not updated in the OEM website versus the previous month, a “NO UPDATE” message will be displayed in the Mobirar Data tool.

In case of mobility offer multiple updates by the OEM during the month, or in case of update happening after the 10th of the month, Mobirar will not guarantee that the latest updated offer is reflected in the Mobirar Data tool.


Data collection method

Mobirar operates the data collection adopting a mix of automated and manual techniques.

Some parameters may be missing for some mobility offers depending on the local country standard and level of details adopted by each single OEM.


2.2 Parameters


For each mobility offer, Mobirar collects the following parameters.


Parameters Description Values Mandatory
Detection Date Date of reference of the mobility offer. Conventionally setup at the 1st day of the month of validity Date Y
Expiration Date Validity expiration date of the mobility offer Date Optional
Market Country initials

AT: Austria

BE: Belgium

DE: Germany

ES: Spain

FR: France

IT: Italy

NL: Netherlands

PT: Portugal

UK: United Kingdom

OfferID Sequential id number of the offer. Internal use only. Number Y
Segment Vehicle segment

Passenger Cars:















BodyType Body type of the vehicle

Passenger Cars:

City car




Make Brand name of the vehicle Text Y
Model Carline name Text Y
FuelType Fuel type of the vehicle

ICE: Internal Combustion Engine

Mild Hybrid

Full Hybrid

PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

BEV: Battery Electric Vehicles

Variant Trim or version of the vehicle Text Y
VehicleType Type of vehicle

PC: Passenger Cars

LCV: Light Commercial Vehicles

Finance Product Type of finance product

Linear: fully amortising credit

PCP: Credit with balloon

FL: Financial Lease

OL: Operating Lease or Private Lease

List Price Catalog price of the vehicle, before any discount is applied Number Optional
Promo Price No Finance Discounted price of the vehicle, applicable to customers not financing through the captive of the OEM Number Optional
Promo Price

Discounted price of the vehicle applicable to customer financing through the captive of the OEM.

In case of no dedicated discount to financing customers, the “Promo Price” will be equal to the “Promo Price No Finance)

Number Optional
Government Ecobonus Any applicable government bonus included in the mobility offer, as disclaimed by the OEM Number Optional
Government Ecobonus Impact Incentive impact on the mobility offer



Offer Conditions Eligibility limitations applicable to the mobility offer

Stock: offer available only for new vehicles in stock

Ecobonus: offer available only with ecobonus calculation

Scrappage: offer available only in case of vehicle returned for scrappage

Trade-in: offer available only in case of trade-in vehicle

Downpayment First payment in advance made by the customer (cash payment or deposit) Number Optional
Downpayment Percent Downpayment as % of Promo price % Optional
Monthly Installment The monthly payment as advertised in the offer Number Y
Residual Value Contractual value of the vehicle at the end of the contract. It corresponds to the balloon payment the customer has to pay in case he wants to keep the vehicle at the end of the contract (in case of PCP or FL) Number Y
Residual Value Percent Residual value as % of List price (when available) % Optional
Term Duration of the finance contract Number Y
Annual Mileage Contractual annual mileage allowed without any extra cost Number Optional
Excess Mileage Cost Cost for each extra mileage driven above the Annual Mileage Number Optional
ANR Annual Nominal Rate of interest of the offer % Optional
APR Annual Percentage Rate of interest of the offer % Optional
Monthly Fees Monthly fees charged by the financial institution (e.g. direct debit fee) Number Optional
Initial Fees Initial fees charged by the financial institution for the credit dossier evaluation Number Optional
Services Included Any additional insurance or maintenance service included in the offer

Road side assistance



Auto Insurance (Theft/Fire/Third Party Liability)





Tyre Insurance


Linked Discount Discount only applicable in case of financing through the captive. It is not applicable in the case the customer pays cash or through alternative financing companies Number Optional
Total Discount Total discount in % applied to the vehicle list price % Optional
OEM Discount Discount in % of the list price applied by the OEM. It may differ from the Total discount in case of government incentives % Optional
IsoInstallmentDP The monthly payment of the offer recalculated with zero downpayment. It allows better comparability among the offers Number Y
Leasing Factor It is the ratio between IsoInstallmnetDP and List Price. It allows better comparability among the offers % Optional


Mandatory Legend:

Y: information always displayed in the database

Optional: information not always available in the legal notice of the mobility offers, or not displayed for a particular finance product.


2.3 Missing or Wrong data


Mobirar ensure the maximum effort to guarantee high quality data of its products.

However, in case of any missing or wrong data for any particular mobility offer, the Customer can report the anomaly to Mobirar by writing at info@mobirar.com.

Mobirar will verify the reported information and commits to fix the data in the shortest possible delay.


     3. Mobirar Benchmark


The Mobirar Benchmark tool is designed to deliver immediate, easy to read and meaningful information to the Customer regarding the competitiveness of the mobility offers.


3.1 Country Report


In this section the Customer can evaluate the competitiveness of each mobility offer, grouped by Segment and FuelType.

The colour scale applied to some of the parameters helps the user identifying the most competitive player in the specific segment.

Columns with no data correspond to carlines without a mobility offer communicated in the month (“NO OFFER”).