Frequently asked questions


1. What is Mobirar Benchmark?

Mobirar Benchmark is an extensive analysis of automotive financing offers.

2. What type of offers and data you collect?

We analyse B2C financing offers for passenger vehicles. We will soon integrate light commercial vehicle offers as well.

For each offer, we collect all the information available in the legal mention according to local market legislation.

For more details about the benchmark methodology and offers details, please check Product Page.

3. How many countries are included in the analysis?

We cover 9 major European markets: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Portugal.

4. Where the data come from?

We collect public available information from the automotive brands websites, and we further elaborate the data to extrapolate meaningful information for you.

5. Which brands are included in the analysis?

We include more than 20 automotive brands in our analysis, representing the largest share of the market. We continuously integrate new brand and new model in our analysis.

For more details about the brands and models included in the benchmark perimeter, please check the Product Page.

6. How often is the analysis updated?

The benchmark is refreshed every month.

7. Missing brand or models?

Interested in any particular brands or model which is not yet included in the benchmark? You can contact us at to discuss a personalised solution.


1. How much Mobirar Benchmark cost?

Mobirar offer several types of packages depending on your personalised needs in terms of number of countries to analyse and vehicle types to monitor.

You can also opt for one single month purchase, or subscribe for a monthly service.

You can select the package most adapt to your needs by checking the Pricing Page.

2. How can I pay?

You can purchase our benchmark directly online by clicking here (Pricing Page).

You can pay either via Credit Card, Google Pay or Bank Transfer(SEPA).

3. Can I buy a subscription plan?

For subscription plans, please contact us at

4. How I will get access to the benchmark?

Once you’ve selected and completed the payment of one of our packages, you will be able to access the full benchmark data and analysis within 2 hours directly from your personal account at

Once logged in, you will be able also to download the data and the reports you have purchased.

5. Is there a time limit for data usage?

Once purchased, you will be able to access your benchmark data as many time as you want, or download the data directly on your device. Data will be available for 12 months.


1. How can I contact you?

You can contact us anytime at

2. Need for help or support using our dashboard?

Once logged in, you will be able to access our tutorials and manuals explaining how to use and interpret each section of our benchmark.

If you have any specific question, you can contact us anytime at